Young Downs


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Operating under the alias that is YD, Cameron Ryan Downs is a true creative master of everything unconventional and articulate. Born on the 25th of February in the year 1998, Young Downs was brought up in an open-minded, loving family led by his mother and father Lesley and Brian Downs. During his youth, if he wasn’t developing his drawing, graffiti, poetry, sculpting, puta or mosaic skills, Downs was deeply exploring and fully immersing himself in sound and music. It was at home where his artistic roots were formed, ones which would later carve his path. Not favoring a single genre, he didn’t limit his creative outlook, but it was listening to hip-hop, that truly sparked something in him. At the age of 14, he began translating this vision. He began using small A5 booklets to jot down his emotions and concerns, his hopes and dreams. At the age of 16, his brother and him (together they form TEAMOB) began experimenting with recording equipment. They made remixes of the songs they enjoyed and layered over their own bars. YD’s big break came in 2017, when together with his brother Jordan, TEAMOB entered The Unseen Rap Competition hosted by MCK Records. They won the competition, took another step closer to releasing their debut album and successfully established themselves as true artists. Young Downs is known for his hard-hitting and well-thought out lyrics. Covering a diverse range of topics, his music addresses heartbreak, family struggles, emotional battles, the future as well as the society he finds himself in. His imaginative use of his talent, passion and vocalization when it comes to what his music stands for, is synonymous for the potential that young creatives have in South Africa. His dedication to the world of sound is both inspiring and worth listening to; it proves as a clear manifestation that truly anything is possible




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